Your the murderer

1: You walk into a mates house and there's blood every where what do you do

2: Okay you go home and bump into Samglaiator (that was his house ) he starts saying weird things like " this is awquard but I love you

3: The next day you go to school and you have a nose bleed you also faint who helps you

4: Sookie takes you to the nurse then all the lights go out you slip in some blood all the lights go back on your new friend is ... Dead what will you do

5: Friday your friends last day befor she go's to heaven what are your last words

6: Sataday you wake up and say ill find you murder after

7: Your teacher putts alot of work but she gets a name Lara Simpson where dose she look

8: You find Lara Simpson what are you going to do

9: Where are going now the murderer is gone