Your pee story!

1: You are a girl with black hair and blue eyes.

2: You are 5 years old, you wake up and feel the need to pee but you ignore it. You get ready to go shopping with your mom

3: As your mom is driving, you go on a speed bump and your bladder jolts. You hold your crotch hoping your mom doesn't know.

4: As you enter the store, your overfilled bladder is about to burst. You don't want to tell your mom because you would be too embarrassed

5: You tell your mom you want to look at clothes that are near the bathroom so she lets you go.

6: As you sneak away from the clothes and to the bathroom, your mom asks you what you are doing

7: You can't take it anymore and you wet yourself.

8: Your mom is horrified as she sees a big wet patch form on your jeans. She grabs your hand and runs you out to the car

9: Story 2: you are a 18 year old with your two best friends. You are watching movies and you have to pee so bad

10: Your friends know you have a weak bladder and they notice you.

11: They tell you to go to the bathroom before you pee yourself so you do. But your zipper is stuck.

12: You tell your friends your zipper is stuck and you can't hold it. They tell you to try and hold it

13: As you're watching a movie, you know you are going to have an accident so you tell your friends to get off the couch

14: You couldn't have felt better when the warm liquid filled up your pants and soaked the couch.

15: One of your friends felt so bad that she peed her pants so you wouldn't be alone.

16: Your other friend wasn't so on board with it but she apparently had to pee really bad too and SHE started to pee herself. She tried to stop but couldn't. The end

17: Hope you liked these stories!