Would a Yandere fall for you?

1: Hello! So welcome to my quiz! How are you feeling today!

2: So let's get right to it. What kind of person are you?

3: Alright! We got lots of different people here today! Next question, What is your opinion on being stalked/stalking

4: I like it. Next question, so what if every boy/girl you knew started dying one by one?

5: RP time!

6: OK. So you went to the roof after school on day. Why did you go?

7: So you were about to opened the door to the roof when you saw your friend and a girl/boy. What do you do?

8: In the end, you decide to hide behind the door.The girl/boy leans in and whispers something in your friends ear. Your friends eyes widen and the the girl/boy pushes your friend over the railing. What do you do?

9: Ok. RP times over.

10: So, this question is about the rp. Why do you think they killed your friend?

11: Ok, so what would you do if you found out that the people were all dying because a girl/boy was killing them for their love for you and wanted you to themselves?

12: Sorry for the short quiz! But this is good bye! Hope you enjoy the results. If you don't remember this quiz was made out of my personal opinions! So you still have a chance!