World Civ Test

1: English; Believed that only one person should have absolute power (monarchy) because of human’s “selfish and wicked” nature

2: English; Believed that individuals had natural rights (life, liberty, property) that are God-given and should be protected by government; if it doesn’t then the citizens have the right to revolt

3: French; promoted the ideas of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and tolerance.

4: French; believed that there should be a “separation of powers” in government so that there would be “checks and balances” to each branch (part) of government.

5: French; Believed that an unwritten “social contract” must be made between the people to define the role and responsibilities of government.

6: Italian; wanted to eliminate common abuses of justice systems (trials and punishments)

7: English; stated that women should have the same rights and education as men