World Civ Test

1: The time period from about 476 (The Fall of Rome) to 1450 characterized by the overwhelming influence of the Catholic Church

2: A social system used in the Middle Ages, where land was exchanged for protection and labor.

3: An epidemic of the Bubonic Plague that killed as many as half the population of Europe.

4: The time from about 1350 to 1600 in which Europeans entered a new age of thought, learning, art, and science; a French word meaning rebirth.

5: The cultural movement of the Renaissance based on the study Greek and Roman ideas.

6: Belief that the individual is more important than the larger community and therefore can determine what is good/ important for themselves

7: Nonreligious; the idea that religion does not need to be the center of human affairs

8: People within a society with similar social and economic levels.

9: A social class between the wealthy and the poor/ merchants, factory managers, teachers, etc

10: Of or relating cities.