Useless Information is Never Useless

1: An easy one to start. What is the Count of Monte Cristo's real name?

2: Complete the following: "Leave no black plume as a token..."

3: If I had 136 sickles, and I bought 51 sickles worth of canary creams and liquorice wands, how many galleons would I have left over?

4: Of what did many of the Bronte family die of/was thought to die of?

5: Which star in the constellation “Orion” is about to go supernova?

6: For whom are Atreyu and Artax looking for when they enter the Swamps of Sadness?

7: He created literature's "Gentleman Thief."

8: What does Holmes ask Watson to whisper to him if he ever gets over-confident or careless?

9: Whom does Mary Lennox meet when she follows the sounds of crying at night?

10: At his funeral, the body of Dumbledore was wrapped in ____ velvet spangled with golden stars.