Ultimate Jiley quiz TNS

1: In season 2 what is the first thing on Rileys get back together list

2: In season 1 where do riley and james go on a bus ride

3: In season 3 when does James give Riley water from the top of a mountain

4: In season 4 where do Riley and James get back together

5: When do Riley and James first announce that their an official couple Season 1

6: In what episode do Riley and James perform their duet heartbreaker

7: Which season do Riley and James step in each others shoes and pretend to be each other

8: Which episode does James finish the list for Riley

9: In season 2 where does James perform a solo for Riley

10: Who inspires Riley to dance When the War is Over

11: In which episode does Riley promise to go on a date with James if he gets his Math grades up

12: When is the first time Riley announces that she loves James

13: What is the title of James and Rileys last duet on stage

14: Is James there when Riley gets her braces removed

15: After Riley gets her braces of what romantic gift does James give Riley

16: In season 3, What does James do for Riley on their anniversary

17: Is James happy when Riley and Ella are friends?

18: What is the theme of Riley and James first date

19: When they first break up who does Riley see James kissing

20: Who does Riley think of dating after they break up in season 2

21: BONUS: Does James do a B twist in their nationals lovers duet