the next step quiz - jiley

1: What theme did James create in Jiley's first date?

2: In season 1 Riley and James are the focus of which band's music video?

3: Do jiley kiss at regionals?

4: In season 1 what is Jiley's first duet song?

5: Who does Riley see James kissing?

6: In the episode 'Sing' who states this? 'Charlie bails on Beth, which makes me have to do the duet, which gets me into trouble with Riley, she breaks up with me, so that she can go on and date Charlie. What crazy world am I living in?'

7: In which episode does James suggest that Riley makes a list?

8: The last task on the list is to get who back?

9: Who kiss at Nationals?

10: BONUS QUESTION - In episode 2, season 3 of the next step James and Riley prepare a dance for which of James's Aunt's wedding?