The Hunger Games ( Catching fire too! )

1: Who was Primrose Everdeen?

2: Was Gale Katniss's boyfriend?

3: Who was President Snow?

4: Was Thresh Rue's brother?

5: Why did Katniss volenteer for tribute instead of letting her sister go?

6: Did Effie want Katniss and Peeta to die? (Catching Fire)

7: Did Cinna die in Catching Fire?

8: Why did Haymich tell Katniss that if Peeta got picked, he would volenteer? (Catching Fire)

9: What was the head gamekeepers name? (Catching Fire)

10: Did Peeta and Katniss acually get married and have a baby? (Catching Fire)

11: Ok, now the questions will be about which character you are.

12: What did the Capitol call Katniss after she entered with fire.

13: Did you think Peeta was cute? (Lol)

14: Did you think Cinna was a great designer? (both movies)

15: Did you think Haymich was a good guy? (both movies)

16: Ok, last question!

17: Did you like both movies? (The Hunger Games and Catching Fire)