The Henry danger quiz

The Henry danger quiz

1: What is Henry's last name?

2: Who knows Henry's secret besides captain man

3: Where is the secret location of the man cave

4: What describes piper?

5: Who plays Courtney sham on the episode "Jaspers real girlfriend"?

6: What is Henry's quote?

7: What is pipers famous quote?

8: What are Henry's best friends?

9: What is Henry and pipers mom name?

10: Who is very smart, nice, brown curly hair, and is one of henrys best friends?

11: What season is the episode "texts,lies, and videos"

12: What color is captain mans mask?

13: What is the first line of the opening monologue?

14: What channel is Henry danger on?

15: What is Jasper obsessed with?