Stav Quiz

Stav Quiz
Stav Quiz
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1: Whats My Gender?

2: How old am i?

3: do i have a brother?

4: do i have a sister?

5: whats my full name?

6: whats my favorite animal?

7: whats my favorite movie and show?

8: what are my sisters and my brothers name?

9: my hair color and eye color are the same. but what color?

10: what is my favorite subject in school?

11: What school do i go to?

12: whats my favorite color?

13: what do i want to be when i grow up?

14: Which ones my best friends name?

15: when was i born/when was my birthday

16: sdrg

17: whats the name of my pet?

18: whats my biggest fear

19: where do i live?