Spongebob Hardest Quiz

1: In The Episode Extreme Spots What Does Drastics And Radical Make

2: When The Red Punch Spilled On The Guy What Was His Name And The Song He Was Listening To

3: Why Should You Not Give Anything To Patrick

4: Who Did Mr. Krabs Marry

5: Will Everyone Except Sandy Become Stupid As Patrick

6: How Many Names Can Spongebob Think Of

7: What Is Plankton Keeps Stealing The Secret Formula

8: What Team Did Spongebob Get On

9: Is AnyThing Alive In SpongeBobs House

10: Who Is "In Charge" Of House

11: Can Spongebob And Patrick Be Clothes

12: In What Episode Did Squidward Die

13: What Is The Lost Episode

14: Patrick Star _______ ______

15: In What Episode Did Spongebob Get His Drivers Licence

16: Did Patrick Say Anything About Five Nights At Freddy's

17: When Spongebob Is Lifting Weights What Does The Sign Say

18: Was Thing Was NOT In The Episode Extreme Spots

19: Who Made A New Record

20: Can Spongebob And Patrick Be Cute At Times

21: What Is The The Old Lady's Name

22: Is Spongebob A Magic Person

23: Did Sandy Ever Tried To Kill Spongebob

24: What Happened To The Classed When Mrs. Puff Went To Jail

25: FINAL QUESTION!!! Can Patrick Make A Nose