Sis vs Bro Ultimate Quiz

1: How many cats do Karina and Ronald have?

2: What are the names of their cats?

3: How many subscribers do they have? (about)

4: What color are Karina's braces?

5: How many rubix cubes does Ronald have?

6: What is Ronald's favorite color?

7: What is Karina's and Ronald's last name?

8: What is Karina's favorite Youtuber?

9: What is Karina's lucky number?

10: What is not Karina's favorite movie?

11: What is Ronald's favorite Youtuber?

12: How many 3 marker challenges have they done?

13: What color are Karina and Ronald's mermaid/merman tails?

14: What kind of video did they make last?

15: What is their dad's name?

16: What is Ronald's recent channel?

17: What are Karina's and Ronald's gaming channels called?

18: How many house/room tour videos have they made?

19: If Karina could change her name what would it be?

20: Need a break? Too concentrated with this quiz?