shark quiz - 11/08/

1: what is shark week?

2: what is the motto of shark week ?

3: which of these options is not a feature of a shark?

4: how many teeth will a shark loose in its lifetime?

5: which of these is not a shark fin ?

6: which is the best type of shark?

7: what is the average size of a female hammerhead shark?

8: what is the shallowest depth a hammerhead shark can swim in?

9: what is the hammer shape of a hammerhead sharks head used for?

10: what is a hammerhead sharks favourite snack?

11: what is the likelyhood of being attacked by a shark?

12: what fruit is used to create the sharks head sculpture

13: what activity did jasmine do whilst wearing the shark hat?

14: what is the name of the shark themed breakfast cereal?

15: what is the subclass of the wobbegong shark?