Say cheese and die again

1: 1. What did Greg have to do to prove his story of the camera was true

2: 2. What did Greg's friends tell him at lunch

3: 3. What did Greg find in the Coffman House

4: 4. What did Greg accidentally do?

5: 5. On the way to school, what happened?

6: 6. When Shari shot Greg's picture with the camera, what did it show

7: 7. What did Greg notice as he arrived in class

8: 8. What happened that afternoon

9: 9. What did Greg notice the next morning

10: 10. How did Mr. Saur greet Greg later at school

11: 11. What happened as Greg was to present the project

12: 12. What was happening to Shari as Greg left

13: 13. After baseball, when Greg tried to put on his baggy pants, what happened?

14: 14. What did Greg have to do to get to school

15: 15. How was Saur and the class with Greg the school day

16: 16. Who did Greg encounter on the way to Shari's

17: 17. What happened to Greg after they tried re-snapping the pictures

18: 18. Where did Greg and Shari go to solve this problem

19: 19. What happened the next morning

20: 20. How did Mr. Saud end this with the camera