pe quiz

1: Bright colored vegetables add what two things to your plate?

2: What bright colored vegetables does the document suggest to add to your salad

3: What three kinds of soup does it suggest to eat?

4: Besides the supermarket where does the document suggest to buy fresh vegetables

5: 1. Name three whole grain ingredients from the article

6: How long can whole grains be stored in the freezer?

7: Why should you buy small portions of whole grain?

8: Name three ingredients of whole grain that can be included in a gluten diet.

9: How many times a week does the article suggest that you supplement seafood for meat or poultry?

10: What does the article suggest as an inexpensive protein option?

11: Cooking the meat and seafood by grilling, broiling, roasting or baking does not add extra

12: What is the suggested number of ounces of protein per day for ages 9 and older?

13: What nutrient does the article say that all seafood contains

14: Name three shellfish mentioned in the article.

15: Name two types of seafood the article suggests to add to a salad.

16: Which system of the body does Omega-3's improve in infants and children according to the article?

17: . How many ounces of seafood are recommended for adults each week according to the article

18: Name three things that vegetables and fruit add to your meal in addition to fiber and key nutrients.

19: Name one fruit and one vegetable that the article suggests to add to your salad.

20: Name two foods that the article suggests to add to your sandwich

21: . Which has more potassium, Milk or Cheese?

22: . Name two things that are not in the dairy food family.

23: Which cheese is suggested as a good substitute for cream cheese? Correct!

24: What does flavored milks have that are bad for you?

25: . Dairy foods are important for the growth of what part of your body

26: When eating out, what does it say to order to replace fried foods?