OC's Quiz! Male version!

1: He doesn't talk much, but he does his job very well, being a security bot! Guess who?

2: He's a robot, but he's got the voice of a human. TBH, He sounds more like Wheatley, from Portal 2. Guess who?

3: His personality is chill. Most like the exact opposite of what he is! Metal could vaporize on contact if he wanted it to! Guess who?

4: He's got a hell of a grudge against Zorgoias. Mainly because of a certain few that took him apart (basically) when he was a teen. So now he's an Ender-Borg! Guess who?

5: Many call him "The Bounty Bot". He places bounties on those who either commit extremely rude acts, crimes, or other illegal plannings. Guess who?

6: This medical bot has the voice of a child, but the brain of a true doctor!... ehm... more of a microchip, than a brain, 'cause ya know. Robot. Guess who?

7: Why is it that I have more females than males for characters?? o-o