Justin Bieber

1: What's my middle name?

2: What year were I born?

3: What's my mother's name?

4: Who is Jerry?

5: What's the name of my lastest tour?

6: Where I am born?

7: Do I have any siblings?

8: Which song took the longest to make on my album BELIEVE?

9: Who found me on YouTube?

10: What's my grandparents names? (from my mother's side)

11: Which song is my debute song?

12: Where do my grandparents live?

13: How many songs is it on my album BELIEVE? (on spotify)

14: What's my motto?

15: Which of my songs has the most veiws on YouTube?

16: How many followers do I have on Twitter?

17: .Where were I found?

18: Which celeberty do I look up to?

19: Where did I sang and played guitar when I were little?

20: Which year did my album BELIEVE released?

21: What's my song Common Denominator about?

22: Which is my lastest music video?

23: Who do i sing 'Somebody To Love' with?

24: Which album were my debute album?

25: Who is my director?

26: Who is my bodyguard?

27: Who is my stylist?

28: What's my new album's name who are coming out soon?