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Just Dance Quiz
Just Dance Quiz
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1: What song has a girl in a dress in Just Dance 1?

2: In JUST DANCE 2... What song is by Ke$ha?

3: In just dance three.. what song sings "California girls were unforgettable"

4: IN JUST DANCE 4, What dance has a girl in a pink and orange dress?

5: IN JD 2014, What song has this line? ''Damn, some call me''

6: In Just Dance 2015, What song is the second in the menu?

7: In Just Dance 2016, what song is by ''Wanko Ni Mero Mero''?

8: In Just Dance 2017, What song does not have an alternate version?

9: In the new Just Dance 2018, wat song is a trio by Iggy?