Jess and Gabriel

Jess and Gabriel
Jess and Gabriel
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1: When and Where did Jess and Gabriel get married?

2: Jess and Gabe have a dog. What's his name? What breed is he?

3: What is the name of Jess and Gabriel's EP?

4: Where did jess and gabe spend there first New Years Eve together as a married couple?

5: Where did Jess and Gabe spend there OFFICIAL honey moon?

6: Where did Jess get her inspirations for decorating there last apartment?

7: What does gabby say in almost every vlog?

8: Did jess really once vacuum up her laptop charger?

9: Are jess and gabriel college graduates?

10: How old is jess? (2017)

11: how old is Gabe? (2017)