itsfunneh quiz

itsfunneh quiz

1: Who is the oldest?

2: When is Funneh's ROBLOX acoount named?

3: Who is the youngest?

4: When did the Krew start youtube?

5: Who does Funneh like?

6: Does Funneh have blue hair?

7: Where does the Krew live?

8: Does Funneh luv her subscribers?

9: What is Draco's youtube name?

10: Is Alec part of Funneh's family?

11: Has Funneh and the Krew ever been to New York?

12: Did Funneh and the Krew go to L.A?

13: What does Funneh use to communicake with the Krew during videos?

14: Has Funneh ever done a charity live stream?

15: How many subs does Funneh have?