IQ test

IQ test

1: Are you ready?

2: In September, the principal was killed. The 2 suspects were the math teacher and the janitor. Math teacher said he was giving a mid year test and janitor said he was cleaning. Who killed the principal?

3: "Freaky facts are a result of scientific results of knowledge". How many "f"s were in the previous sentence?

4: A man was to be executed and he had to choose between 3 rooms to die in. Room 1 has raging fire. Room 2 has assassins with guns. Room 3 has lions that haven't eaten in years. Which room is safest?

5: What is 34 x 45 x 9999 x 45 x 0 x 12 x 55?

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7: Final question...... what was the first question I asked you?