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1: are their havening a baby

2: how old is isabelle

3: what is their dog called

4: is the baby a girl or boy

5: how old is Esma

6: how old is isla

7: is their dog a girl or boy

8: is isla bithday the 9 th of apirl

9: which day is esma bithday

10: do esma and isla shere a bed room

11: what is shara ne channel called

12: dose isabell have a chanaell

13: what is isabell chanaell called

14: do all the girl like unicorns

15: dose sharha like speening 💰

16: can chris drive a car

17: can shara drive a car

18: is isabell the oldest stister

19: do their have a brother

20: are they a family of 6 or 5 or 7