Human spaceflight

1: Who was the first German in space?

2: What was the name of the spaceship of Sigmund Jähn?

3: What was the name of the space station where Sigmund Jähn was?

4: How many times was Ulf Merbold in space?

5: How many Germans were in space? (As of 1.5.2018)

6: Who was the last German in Space? (As of 1.5.2018)

7: In the space exhibition in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz you can visit a training module of a space station. What space station is it?

8: How many spacecrafts was built of the type "Space shuttle"?

9: How many countries have sent a man in space with a own spacecraft?

10: What is the name of the German who was 350 days in space?