How Well Dou You Know "H2O: Just Add Water"?

1: Who is the newbie at the beginning of season 1 (episode 1)?

2: What force affects the girls' powers?

3: Who is Emma's first kiss?

4: What is Ronnie?

5: Who is the old lady who was a mermaid?

6: Who does Nate like?

7: In season 2, Charlotte is a mermaid for how may episodes?

8: Who knows the girls' secret?

9: Name one guy who was saved by a mermaid (twice actually)

10: Name another guy who was saved by a mermaid

11: In season 3, Bella is a. . .

12: In season 2, who is introduced?

13: In season 2, who is dating Rikki?

14: In season 3, what are the girls always fighting?

15: Who saves the world in the last episode?

16: Why did Lewis leave?

17: Why did Emma leave?

18: What is the islands name?

19: Where does Ash work?

20: What is Will's sport?

21: Who is Charlotte after?

22: Who does Charlotte date?

23: Who is not a mermaid?

24: What item of Zane's does Rikki have when they first kiss?