How well do you know zoella?

1: How old is zoella

2: When is zoellas birthday?

3: What is her brothers name?

4: Who is her boyfriend?

5: How many subscribers does she have?

6: What is her middle name?

7: What does she do most on YouTube?

8: What is her mums name?

9: What is she addicted to?

10: What does she collect?

11: What does she call her head?

12: What type of dancing did she used to do?

13: What type of eater is she?

14: What is her favourite food?

15: What is her phobia?

16: What film made her cry?

17: What is she rubbish at applying?

18: What was she an extra on?

19: What is Zoey's favourite colour?

20: What pet did she used to have?

21: What is her favourite cereal?

22: What does she always get at the cinemas?

23: What makes her instantly happy?

24: Where is her favourite place to be?

25: Did you enjoy this quiz?