How well do you know Undertale?

1: What's Sans' brother's name?

2: Who is Asgore's kid?

3: Who's a villian in Undertale?

4: What's Frisk's gender?

5: What's Mettaton's gender?

6: What does Undyne use as a weapon?

7: What's Alphys' creation?

8: What animal is Toriel?

9: What color is Toriel's robe?

10: What's the 3 colors Papyrus wears?

11: What shape is in the R in the logo of Undertale?

12: What song had Sans and Papyrus in it?

13: What's the evil version of Frisk?

14: Are Chara and Asriel Brother and sister?

15: What are 3 of the main characters?