how well do you know the CREEPYPASTA???!!!

how well do you know the CREEPYPASTA???!!!

1: hi im birthday killer and for short bk! i will not be asking the questions but the creepypasta will!!! so up first is slendy_SLENDY: hello child i am also known as slenderman. which of these do i love most?

2: ok now you have met the muture man slendy' now lets bring one my favorite..... LOST SILVER!_LOST SILVER: h-hi..._BK: AWW Dont be shy because im a girl_LOST SILVER: Im n-not shy 'cause of t-that.. but any ways' w-which of these p-pokemons do i not h-have?

3: jeff the killer your up next!_JEFF: hay babe and hay to you to quiz taker. so what do i say before my victims die?

4: ok no lets bring on my friend thats only a little girl.. sally!_SALLY: hello there quiz taker and BK. BK can you play with me?_BK ill play with you later for now ask the quiz taer a question sally_SALLY:who is this *shows teddy*

5: ok now for so-_SONIC: do you want to play HIDE AND SEEK?_BK: HAY!! I DID NOT FIISH WHAT I WAS SAYING!! anyway this is sonic.exe and in games he is known as sonic the hedgehog so know answer the question