How Well do you Know Sketch?! (The Youtuber)

1: What's his real name?! 😍

2: Where did he get the name Sketch?!

3: Is he with Franky because Franky's Franky and he's just.. he's just the best

4: What's his favorite candy?

5: Does he find himself to be more attractive then Ethan?

6: What's his favorite food?

7: Does he still watch cartoons?

8: What's his favorite part about making videos?

9: If he could be anyone in the world for a day who would it be?

10: What would he rate Massachusetts from 1-10?

11: What does he see himself doing in 50 years?

12: Who is his favorite artist in music?

13: Does he love youtube?

14: Follow me on Instagram?? @sk3tch_best

15: Follow me on Instagram?? @sk3tch_best

16: FOLLOW ME @sk3tch_best