How well do you know Matt and Rebecca Zamolo

How well do you know Matt and Rebecca Zamolo

1: 1. What are their names?

2: 2. What are their dogs names?

3: 3. What does GM stand for?

4: 4. How are Matt and Rebecca related?

5: 5. Where did they end up sleeping in the 24 hour hand cuff challenge?

6: 6. What is one of Rebecca's favorite things?

7: 7. How many times has Rebecca dyed her hair?

8: 8. What color(s) has Rebecca dyed her hair?

9: 9. What is Zam Fam?

10: 10. who helped Rebecca make a life sized Belle doll for the Game Master?

11: 11. Does Matt wear glasses?

12: 12. What did Matt find in the backyard of a cabin with a metal detector?

13: 13. Do Matt and Rebecca know the Sharer Family?

14: 14. Are they YouTuber's?

15: 15. True or False. Did Rebecca teach gymnastics?

16: 16. Has Rebecca and Matt ever been to the Sharers house as of the end of 2018?

17: 17. How did Matt and Rebecca find out about the Game Master?

18: 18. What is Rebecca's natural hair color?

19: 19. Are Matt and Rebecca good YouTubers?

20: 20. Did you like this quiz?