How well do you know Jacob Sartorius??

How well do you know Jacob Sartorius??

1: What date did Jacob posted his 1st video to vine ??

2: Where is he from?

3: What does he calls his FANS??

4: What yeardid he joined "Magcon"??

5: What was his 1st vine about??

6: how old is he ??

7: What is his 2 favorite food

8: What is his B-day sign??

9: What grade is he in ??

10: is he home schooled or Normal school??

11: How many's does he post a day

12: does he have a cat or a dog ?

13: What is the cats/dogs name?? ( not telling answer)

14: when is his B-day??

15: how many sisters does he have ?

16: What is her name ?

17: What made him popular??

18: how tall is he ?

19: Favorite smell??