how well do you know ItsFunneh?

1: How old is Funneh?

2: In the YHS Series (1) what happened to Valerie?

3: How many siblings does Funneh has?

4: What is Funneh and her siblings squad called

5: Who was the 2 people who had a crush on Kyran?

6: who is Funneh's crush?

7: What was Funneh's dream on YSH series 1?

8: Who is the oldest sibling?

9: Who is the SECOND oldest sibling?

10: Who is the THIRD oldest sibling?

11: Who is the 4TH oldest sibling?

12: Who is the YOUNGEST sibling?

13: Why is did Kat named herself Funneh?

14: How many subs does Funneh has?