How well do you know Hamilton

1: How old was hamilton when he met Aaron Burr in 1776 NYC

2: How did hamilton die

3: One what day did John Laurens die

4: how old was Phillip When he died

5: Which of the Schuyler sisters did Hamilton marry

6: Who is Theodosia

7: Why did Aaron Burr kill hamilton

8: What was the name of hamiltons 1st kid

9: What was the name of john lauren's kid

10: what is the name of lafayette's kid

11: Why did hamilton dislike Mr George Eaker

12: who is in the hamilton squad

13: were was John during the war

14: were was Lafayette during the war

15: finish the lyrics: How did we know that this plan would we had to

16: finish the lyrics:Dear Theodosia what to say to you you have my

17: how do you i know this

18: do you think you should watch the Musical