How Well Do You Know Emo Bands?

1: what is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance's last name?

2: what is the song that got Black Veil Brides popular in the first place?

3: what is the band that Panic! At The Disco's old gutarist and Falling In Reverse's old Drummer formed?

4: Is Andy Biersack hot? (Lead singer of Black Veil Brides)

5: which one of these is not an emo band?? (or what one is not a real band) NO CHEATING!

6: (Bonus Question) Out of all these, which band do you like more?

7: This Isn't required To be A Fan Of Emo Music, But Are You Emo?

8: Will you be my friend?

9: do you watch emo youtubers?

10: Okay last question, how do you think you did?