How well do you know CJ So Cool

1: When is CJ so Cools Birthday?

2: How old is CJ so Cool?

3: What year was CJ so Cool born in?

4: Were is CJ so Cools Birthplace

5: How many subscribers does he have?

6: When did CJ first create his channel?

7: What year did CJ first create his channel?

8: Who is his brother

9: Who is CJ so Cools wife?

10: What is his daughters name?

11: Before famous he was a ?

12: What are his fans called?

13: What is his catchphrase?

14: What is CJ's name?

15: What is CJ's last name

16: He has published a video called 'MightyDuck Vine Compilation.

17: CJ is 360 most popular out of the world of famous people.

18: CJ is the 3rd most popular person born on march 29th.

19: CJ is the 15th most popular person that is 28.

20: CJ is the 4th most popular person born in Indiana

21: CJ is the 40th most popular person that is an Aries.

22: When did CJ pull the laxative prank on his step kids?

23: Has CJs youtube ever been hacked?

24: When did Cj announce that is youtube got hacked?

25: What year did his yoututbe get hacked?

26: Is CJ required to smoke?

27: CJ has a tear in his back muscles.

28: Has CJs bank account ever been hacked?

29: Has CJ ever illegally abused and poisoned his step kids?

30: CJ is #1 famous out of famous people that are named CJ

31: CJ is 2nd most famous for being born in Indiana

32: CJ is 2nd most famous for being born in Gary, Indiana