How well do you know 99goonsquad?

1: What is their tour name?

2: What do they say at the end of every Youtube vid?

3: What is their Youtube channel called?

4: What is their vlogging channel called?

5: What is Jovani's middle name?

6: What is Julian's middle name?

7: What state do they live in?

8: What is their song they published?

9: What is their eye color?

10: How old are they?

11: How cute are they?

12: Who are they good friends with?

13: Do they twerk?

14: What do they do at POMS?

15: What is Julian's fav candy and color?

16: What is Jovani's fav candy and color?

17: Who takes the L's?

18: Who takes the W's

19: What team am I?

20: When were they born?