How Much Do You Know About Robert Sheehan?

1: What's Roberts second name?

2: Which town/city is Robert from?

3: How many siblings does Robert have?

4: What age was Robert when he starred in his first movie?

5: Who did Robert co-star with in the movie "Cherrybomb"?

6: What was the name of Robert's character in "The Borrowers"?

7: How many times did Nathan Young from "Misfits" die?

8: In which year did Robert star in " The Playboy Of The Western World"?

9: How many awards has Robert been nominated for so far?

10: Will Darren from "Love/Hate" be returning for the 3rd series?

11: Robert's natural hair colour is black.

12: Which movie is Robert currently filming in America?

13: What was the name of Roberts character in "Me And Mrs Jones"?

14: How many months has "The sheehab" twitter page been up and running?