How Good is Your Relationship with Your Body?

2: Do you love your body?

3: Do you spend more time than you'd like thinking about parts of your body you'd like to change?

4: Do you ever feel beautiful?

5: Do you like looking at pictures of yourself?

6: Do you avoid certain activities because of your body?

7: Are you comfortable in a swimsuit?

8: Are you worried that your children will feel about their bodies, the way you feel about yours?

9: Do you have trouble being intimate with your partner?

10: Can you be intimate with the lights on?

11: Does your mother like her body?

12: Have you ever been on a diet?

13: Are there any foods you find scary?

14: How would you describe your relationship food?

15: How would you describe your relationship with your body?

16: Are there ways in which you feel your relationship with your body is holding you back?