Haschak sisters

1: What is Olivia's middle name?

2: Which Haschak sister shows up in most of mattyb's vlog channels?

3: Do they get along with each other?

4: Who are the Haschak sister's best friend's with (not mattyb)

5: Which song is from the photo?

6: Which sister has broken a bone? Clue: 1 of them have.

7: What bone would the haschak sister break?

8: Which Haschak sister is the oldest?

9: Which Haschak sister is the 2nd oldest?

10: Which Haschak sister is the youngest?

11: What Haschak sister goes good with Sierra?

12: Do you think i love the haschak sisters?

13: Last one: do the haschak sisters dink Starbucks?