Guess The Celebrity

1: She is a very famous POP singer. She has had many boyfriends. She has been blonde.

2: She has had lip injections. She is a rapper. Sophia Grace is obsessed with her.

3: He is a famous black actor and singer. Clue... Prince of Bel Air

4: He is a little boy in his first movie. Does a song with Justin Bieber.

5: He is a famous Indian actor. Featured in Chennai Express

6: She is a famous actress and singer. Her first TV series are associated with magic.

7: She is a famous Columbian singer. She is featured in Zootopia.

8: She is a famous singer. She has dated Drake. She has once had red hair.

9: He is a famous male singer. He has featured in a music video with 'monkeys'.

10: He is a very happy singer. He has made a song called 'Can't Stop the Feeling.'