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2: Due to limited resources of toys of Filipino children they usually come up on interesting games without the need of anything but the players themselves.

3: Most Filipino children want to play in a__________.

4: Most games are always play inside the house.

5: Most games are played outside the house.

6: In a blog, written by Benjamin Mangubay the game tentatively called Ubusan ng Lahi or UBL is modeled after the game of the Generals invented by the late Sofronio Pasola.

7: What is Ubusan ng Lahi in English?

8: It is one of the most famous outdoor games in the Philippines whose aim is to protect he base of each parties and not to let their members being captured by opposing teams.

9: In order to win this game both parties must raise who will be the first to step on/touch the base of their opposing team to win the game. Once played this before and it is really fun.

10: Who are the two seminarians who will present today? Just put their names, and follow the alphabetical order. Put "and" between the two names.