Funneh quiz

Funneh quiz
Funneh quiz
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1: What's funnehs favorite color

2: What does funneh do every friday

3: What do they call them selves

4: When was funneh born

5: Funneh was born on......

6: Does funneh have siblings and play games with them?

7: What does the krew do a series of????

8: What does funneh do on saturday

9: if funneh have siblings what's there names

10: What games does funneh play

11: What is funneh?

12: Who is a fashionista

13: Who makes weird screams and noises and thinks there one yrs old

14: Who is the smallest

15: Who is the lead person of the Krew

16: Who like the dark side

17: Who likes the light side?

18: How many subscribers does she have (the year is 2018)

19: Who has more videos made

20: Last question did you like this quiz