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1: Which is the oldest mode of transportation

2: What does GRT denotes in the Ship Capacity

3: Name the steering committee formed under the Government of India (GOI), to setup Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) in India.

4: ......... is known as the Central Hub of Shipping Logistics

5: ........... is known as the Asian Hub of Shipping Logistics

6: Who is having the first hand right to control the ship/vessel,deviate its sea route, order for gun firing in case of emergency?

7: What does DWT stands for in the cargo weightage ?

8: In which year Indian Merchant Ships were registered under the brand “INDIA

9: In which year Indian Register of Shipping was formed in India

10: What is commonly known as a vessel/ship having a movable superimposed flap/panel, fixed on a rotating motor shaft that enables to cover the upper surface of the vessel/ship ?

11: Which classification of ships have three hulls

12: Who is known as the Father of Containers ?

13: What is known as a boat/mini liner that tows the containers fixed on a floating platform, to load or unload the ship ?

14: Which container can be used to carry Coal and Iron Ore

15: Which measurement scale is used globally to weigh the containers?

16: 16 As per the 2015-2016 data, who is the world's largest container ship operator

17: A Portion of the ship made of the anti-corrosive material,which is having high resistance to fire, wherein the Engine,Radar and navigational devices are fixed is known as......

18: A place projected from the ship's front side, where in the flag of the nation is fixed, is known as.......

19: A place projected from the ship's back side, where in the flag of the nation is fixed, is known as

20: Name the project undertaken by the GOI, to setup interconnection of port networks.

21: The speed of the ship is mentioned in terms of .......

22: ............... is an object designed to prevent or slow the drift of a ship, attached to the ship

23: Name the apex body formed to take international justice, grievance handling and control the transit of dangerous goods.

24: The regulatory body of Indian Export business

25: The goods can be permitted for export under license