Do you wear diapers

1: Last time you peed/ pooped your pants?

2: Can you control your accidents?

3: Would you were diapers

4: What diaper

5: Do you wet your bed

6: Would you date someone if they wore diapers?

7: Imagine: you in your house chilling then, you peed/pooped your pants what do you do

8: Is wearing a diaper babyish

9: Imagine: your in a situation were your in the car, you really have to go. You see a diaper in the car. Would you use the diaper

10: what would you do if you were in bed then you just peed yourself

11: Would you be embarrassed if you had to wear diapers

12: Have you taken more diaper quizes

13: Do you watch diaper videos

14: Are you part of Abdl, Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers or Tbdl, Teenager Baby/Diaper Lovers?

15: Would you pee/poop your pants to get back in diapers

16: Would you wear a diaper for 15 minutes every day for a penny for life?