Descriptive Writing Vocabulary

1: When writing a descriptive essay, one should _______________.

2: Each of these features are included in descriptive writing EXCEPT

3: "I went to the store." This is an example of a:

4: "The sweltering heat of the sun melted the hairs on my skin as I sluggishly arrived at the store's front doors." This is an example of a:

5: Tone is ___________.

6: Mood is _______________.

7: "The boy ran like the wind." This is an example of:

8: "The river is a ribbon of sparkling jewels that leads me straight to your heart." This is an example of:

9: "Thickening clouds reach for the barren waste land in remembrance of what used to be." This is an example of:

10: All of the following are methods of arranging a descriptive paper EXCEPT

11: Objective descriptions are _____.

12: Subjective Descriptions are:

13: I will get an A on Mrs. Bergeson's final because _______________________.