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1: If the 14th is Nissan falls out on a shabbos where do all the kitas wait until shabbos is over

2: Was the oliyas riya offered on shabbos and yom tov?

3: Why was it offered only on yom tov and not on שבת

4: What do we say when we sanctify the firstborn?

5: What is the punishment for selling the בכר?

6: Min hatorah how much do we pay for the animal for karbon chagiga

7: How many kabonos were offered every shalosh regalim?

8: What side of the mizbeach was the קדשיכ ילים

9: What’s the punishment if you by mistake entered the bais hamikdash and you are טמא?

10: Who does the mitzvah of hekdesh apply to?