carter sharer quiz

carter sharer quiz
carter sharer quiz
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1: who is carter's girlfriend

2: is he always snacking

3: is he older than 18

4: did he upload a mlvie on youtube

5: did he kiss liz before

6: does he know chad wild clay

7: has he ever been on chads video

8: are the hackers after him

9: is he the one who asked liz to be his girlfriend first or liz asked him to be her boyfriend first

10: does he loves snack

11: is he leaving the sharer fam house forever

12: is carter always hanging out with liz

13: is carter liz's boyfriend

14: which does he like more

15: does he know chad and vy

16: does he really love liz

17: what is his yt channel name

18: which does he like more

19: did he release a movie on yt

20: what is the movie name called

21: what does he call the fans

22: does he have over 2.5m subscribers on yt