Campus Health Value

1: What area of medicine does the staff at UNC Campus Health specialize in?

2: Where is Campus Health located?

3: What kinds of insurance does Campus Health accept?

4: Where can I find more information?

5: I'm having a hard time, can I get counceling?

6: Allergy season is here and pollen is everywhere. I have really bad allergies how do i get help at UNC?

7: I'm having an issue and don't know if it needs immediate attention, is there someone I can ask?

8: If I need an x-ray or labs what should i do?

9: I dont want to gain the "Freshman 15" what should I eat?

10: I'm taking a prescription for the first time, how do I get information about it?

11: I'm short on money but need my medication right now, can I pay for it later

12: I want to make an appointment or find out about my lab tests how can I do this?

13: I want to study abroad. How do I get information about the immunizations I need and other health concerns?

14: I injured myself playing a sport or exercising, and am having trouble walking to campus health, how can I get there?

15: The employees of Campus Health want you to: