Business relations

1: The characteristic of embeddedness of business relationships means that:

2: Which one of these actors in the business market is a non-business actor?

3: The implication of resource heterogeneity is that:

4: Emergent networks are defined as those that are created deliberately by the members, while strategic develop without deliberate action on the actors.

5: A distinguishing feature fo an organization's core capabilities is that it:

6: What is not shown by the model of stages of relationship development shows

7: Network pictures enable a company to:

8: When the supplier is not sure about what kinds of customer problems it should solve and how its offerings can be used by costumers, the supplier has a:

9: In a situation with a wide variety of potential suppliers in which the buyer does not have an established relationship supplier, the buyer has a:

10: The business buyer sometimes does not know exactly what kind of offering it needa to solve a paticular problem and this may make it difficult for the supplier to provide the right soultion. This is called the buyer's:

11: The first aspect of networking centers on a company's existing relationships and what they really mean for it. Which managerial choices are involved?

12: A company's relationships are the outcomes of it's own decisions and actions, but the company is not itself the outcome of those relationships and what has happend in them.

13: What it meant by the managerial question ¨How can we make sense of were we are?¨:

14: In the realationship life cycle stage mode, account delvelopment, cross-selling and up-selling are manifestations of the:

15: CRM is a cross-functional-process for achieving:

16: Witch of the following relationships-building startegies do NOT target collaborative customers:

17: ROR is NOT linked to:

18: CRM does NOT allow to managers to:

19: Which is one possible benefit of adopting a more formalized approach to B2B marketing plan:

20: Which of the following stratrgies do NOT allow a company to position itslef as ¨flexible¨ and ¨trustworthy¨in B2B market?

21: The claim ¨Rapid. Real-time telephone assistance to resolve technical issues¨ appeals to:

22: In the development phase of a B2B product:

23: To deal with heterogeneity of business services marketers need to:

24: A customer-oriented approach to B2B market positioning implies that the designing offerings:

25: An advertising agency can be classified as: