are you sol?

1: are you going to be honest for this quiz

2: do you like playing with toys?

3: do you like Rubik's cubes?

4: do you have a pet cat

5: do you like making books

6: does your name start with a vowel?

7: which word would I choose

8: do youthink your doing well

9: are you ten or under?

10: what school do you go to?

11: BLANK!!!

12: do you have a friend who starts with A?

13: what do you THINK is my favourie morning T.V show?

14: if a bomb blew up, what sound would it make?

15: what would you name your cat? (if you had one)

16: do you like fishing

17: do you like animals?

18: do you like mosquito's?

19: do you like spiders?